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  CS:GO Patch 2013/1/9
Posted by: redogg - 01-16-2022, 01:15 PM - Forum: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - No Replies

Download CS:GO from Steam
Left click on CS:GO in library and go to properties
Go to Betas tab and select "demo_viewer"
[Image: Czr8VFA.png]
(Recommended to backup CS:GO game folder before starting to download beta to not redownload the game once again when you want to play normal CS:GO)

[Image: b_560_95_1.png]

Photo Newest AMD Drivers on WIN8.1
Posted by: redogg - 01-12-2022, 03:23 AM - Forum: Softwares - No Replies

Hi, If any of you still use WIN8.1 as I do and you have AMD GPU then you probably noticed AMD stopped updating drivers for WIN8.1 since about 2017 and it sucks alot because they still update WIN7 drivers by this day.
Anyways you most likely want to get updated drivers for your card to gain better performance and bug fixes.
All you need to do is to follow the simple steps below to get your drivers updated.
1. Go to AMD site and download your graphics card drivers but choose WIN7 instead of WIN8/8.1.
2. Open the installation file and wait until it finishes to extract all files to "C:\AMD".
3. When starting to install, You be notified that your operating system isnt correct. Exit the installer and go to "C:\AMD".
4. Once you in AMD folder search in the search bar "inf" and left click on all files one by one and select "install".(Some .inf files arent possible to install)
[Image: gRZsABo.png]
5. Do the same as the step above but search for "msi" files in AMD folder.
6. Go to "C:\AMD\Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2020-21.5.2-Win7-64Bit-May21\Packages\Drivers\Display\W76A_INF\B367348" or search for ccc2 in AMD folder once again, Open "ccc2_install.exe" and install it.
7. Go to "ccc2" folder you just installed (C:\AMD\WU-CCC2\ccc2_install) and open WULaunchApp.exe and LaunchWLApp.bat (They will not work at this moment)
8. Now open "Device Manager" of Windows, Just search for it in start menu of Windows.
9. Find your graphics card in there and click on update driver software.
[Image: k8sq2TH.png]
10. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software" and choose the following path "C:\AMD\Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2020-21.5.2-Win7-64Bit May21\Packages\Drivers\Display\W76A_INF" (My path folder names might not be the exact same as yours)
11. Click on next and install the driver, Reboot your PC and go once again to the same location as the step above(Device Manager).
12. Click again on "Browse my computer for driver software" but this time click on "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer"
13. Now you should see a window about like this
[Image: k61c4JS.png]
Make sure to select the newest version and click on next. Reboot your PC once again and enjoy the newest drivers from AMD on your WIN8

[Image: waxiRrF.png]

  Bypass VAC or server bans
Posted by: redogg - 01-07-2022, 03:14 PM - Forum: Source Engine Tools - Replies (7)

Here some very simple ways to bypass community server bans in all source engine games.
I must mention before you start reading, You must own original steam copy of the game to do these tricks.
Theres two ways to doing it, The first way might not work for all source games because in some games like CSGO or TF2 they dont support Revemu patch

1. Download RevEmu below(This works usually for games like CS:S or L4D/2, DOD.) Extract the rar to your game folder wheres the game .exe located and replace any files if needed. Open up rev.ini and make sure the following things are correct, ProcName=left4dead2.exe -steam -silent, if not L4D2 change to hl2.exe and look for a line which says PlayerName and change it to any name you would like to use in game
Make sure to set CacheEnabled to true
Set CachePath to the following example (x:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2)
Set SteamClient to true and SteamUser to your Steam account username
Open up steam and verify your game files by searching in game properties "Verify integrity game of files"
Launch the game by using revLoader.exe when steam is open or add revLoader.exe to your steam library as non steam game so your friends will see you playing the game if you want.

Anyways after doing so, Your Steam id will be changed to something completely different so you get another chance to play your favorite servers.

2. (Doesnt work on CSGO)Enable family share on your main account with L4D2 or any other game you need this tut for, Create a new steam account and just link those two accounts together with family share. Some community servers might block you from connecting because you use family share but you can still enjoy the rest that dont.

Very simple ways of doing it, Its most likely known for most us

Download: https://www.cs-junkies.com/forums/mydown...own&did=20

  Selling GTA2&1 for Steam
Posted by: redogg - 10-08-2021, 01:14 AM - Forum: Off-Topic - No Replies

If anyone wants to buy off me a digital steam cd key of GTA collection including GTA1/2 add me on steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/redawg/
The price is really high because the game isnt avilable for sale since 2013 and not many legal copies of the game left (You can get a legal copy only thru very old disk/steam)

  GTA2 map to fivem
Posted by: redogg - 10-08-2021, 01:12 AM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (3)

hi i just wanted to share with you, i started working on a gta2 mod for fivem. theres loads of work left, many many days even months of work

i was thinking about what possible and no possible to port, i figured out all gta2's features are portable except for playermodels
i already ported the map, and the map broken real hard, loads of collisions needs to be edited to fit the game right

[Image: fNh6fDe.png]

edit: some more progress made
[Image: 4sZzWia.png]
[Image: npPBb4u.png]
[Image: ggGYcaQ.png]

  Realistic ENB
Posted by: redogg - 10-08-2021, 12:58 AM - Forum: Source Engine Tools - No Replies

[Image: 6136e3e145825.jpg]

[Image: 6136e3de7e249.jpg]

[Image: 6136e3dd35ff6.jpg]

It adds the following effects to the game(Press Insert to disable any desired effects)
-Lens flares
-God rays
-Ray tracing
-Color correction
-Maybe some more I just forgot
Game menu will go crazy until you open serverbrowser/settings
Its settings very balanced, it wont ruin or affect the gameplay.
Installation - put all files in Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source
Dont forget to adjust brightness in game settings to your liking


  CSGO Styled Muzzleflashs
Posted by: redogg - 10-08-2021, 12:53 AM - Forum: Source Engine Skins - No Replies

[Image: 613f8238aa412.jpg]
[Image: 613f8238840d5.jpg]
[Image: 613f8238ae106.jpg]
Unfortunately due to game bug it works only on first server you join, After map/server change the game crashes soon as you fire your weapon, So you have to relaunch the game. I couldnt find a fix for this(even tried to pack it inside game .vpk) if you find a fix, let me know!

CSGO weapons version with same effects

Notes: Its a complete particle! No textures was used, The muzzleflash effect is located inside .mdl files!

To make sure you dont miss anything, Make sure to extract "particle" folder to "cstrike" and to "custom" folder.
Dont forget to read howtoinstall.txt

DWONLOAD GAMEBANANA (CSGO version is available on Youtube video description)

  Mapatcher tool
Posted by: redogg - 10-08-2021, 12:30 AM - Forum: Source Engine Tools - Replies (1)

It bypasses the following error massages when you join a server.
-Your map [] differs from the servers.
-Couldn't CRC map [].
-Server is enforcing file consistency for []. (sv_consistency)
- Pure server: file [] does not match the server's file. (sv_pure)

Use it to create hacked maps, Decompile your favorite map and edit it in Hammer and recompile it with same name as original, Then replace your original favorite map with hacked map and join a server with this map and.. WOLLA works

Notes to keep crashes away (untested I just say it by logic)
-For example dont rename cs_assault.bsp to cs_italy.bsp because the maps are on different Z Y X.
If you add geometry DONT add the following things to the NEW geometry.
-sprites and anything else that defies logic too hard(sprites must have a wall to attach to, If you create sprite in non existing wall on server side then the sprite will have noting to "attach" to on server side but in your client it does~engine freakout)
[Image: PVpVraH.png]

Official maps with dynamic shadows and some enhancements
de_dust2 - Search on Gamebanana Enhanced de_dust2
[Image: FpeUtUv.png]
(Replace de_dust2.bps with original in cstrike/maps/ folder)

cs_office - Search on Gamebanana Enhanced cs_office
[Image: qPCPIJn.png]

de_inferno - Search on Gamebanana Enhanced de_inferno
[Image: dvgvv8f.png]

de_nuke - Search on Gamebanana Enhanced de_nuke
[Image: qAS9by3.png]
if not working install c++ redistributable 2005-2019

Download: https://www.cs-junkies.com/forums/mydown...own&did=21

  Visuals Multihack Reborn
Posted by: redogg - 10-08-2021, 12:25 AM - Forum: Source Engine Tools - Replies (874)

Here you can grab the newest version
[Image: preview_1_1650422191_6e45f480086ede34680...a7271f.png][Image: lpdfuqn.png]
If not working, Install visual c++ redistributable 2005-2019

Download: https://www.cs-junkies.com/forums/mydown...own&did=36

  How to find GlobalVars for L4D2
Posted by: redogg - 03-05-2021, 08:27 PM - Forum: Source Engine Tools - Replies (2)

Get IDA software in the following link https://www.hex-rays.com/products/ida/ free, Open IDA and import your client.dll thats located in Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\bin
When IDA fully loads the file, Press on search>text and find the following text below

Make sure to search it 3 times from the top

Your screen should look like this
[Image: lIEfijA.png]
As you see in the screenshot the red marker is the 3rd search from the top of "var_C", Allitle bit above that hides the actual offset of GlobalVars
The offset for now is 0x4730 as you see in the screenshot .text:10004730 turns to be 0x4730 offset

I attached the client.dll used in this tutorial, In case someone gets lost
Download: https://www.cs-junkies.com/forums/mydown...down&did=3

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