Last Updated: 01-01-2023, 02:04 AM
Name: CSSV Reborn V0101
Category: CS:S
Submitted by: redogg
Downloads: 35
Views: 225
Version: 01.01.23
MD5: 1322d982a325377a33162e8f24eb73ba
Your rating: N/A
Average rating: 5
-Optimized many elements of the code, Rechecked all functionalities
-Fixed a problem when normal Drawables font wont display until game restart/when graphical settings being changed
-Improved normal/OBS 2D Boxes and player height detection
-Improved Aimbot FOV selection on bestbone option
-Fixed issues regarding Aimbot
-Added menu note to Strafe
-Fixed behavior of Strafe rage2 option
-Partly fixed the combination of Silent Aimbot and strafe options
-Fixed a problem with Aimbot autoshoot option where it does not shoot the last bullet in the magazine
-Visuals will not draw anymore over spectating players while dead
-Added auto Fast Weapon switch exploit
-Added Extended Chams option
-Fixed bug with player Chams material that it wont draw over some props
-Fixed laggy behavior of Wallhack and Skybox editor options
-Added true(real) Wallhack feature
-Optimized Player Hitboxes ESP feature
-Fixed Weapons Hitboxes ESP feature to not draw held weapons
-Fixed a crash with Aimbot/Generic options that might happen on some PC's
-Added option to enable/disable the use of knife or grenades with aimbot
-Fixed Health HUD flicker near other players
-Weapons HUD now works when being dead, Same as Health HUD
-Focusing on menu items by pressing space key will not select hotkeys anymore
-Added anti-OBS 3D Weapons ESP
-Added maximum distance slider for anti-OBS visuals
-Fixed a bug where taken weapons will still be visible by Chams
-Fixed menu crash when using arrowkeys to scroll
-Fixed bug about sv_cheats bypass
-Added Insta bomb defuse exploit

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01-05-2023, 05:02 PM
@wishin thanks for report, i think crashes might happen if you dont close "massage of the day" window for too long and server change map, not fully sure but if anyone crashes ill figure it out until next version..

01-05-2023, 09:43 AM
I have not noticed this at myself, for a long period of use

01-05-2023, 04:17 AM
Someone crashed? I managed to crash two times pretty quickly while being afk. Not sure if its server related because right after it happened i enterd back in and the game didnt crash at all

01-04-2023, 10:59 PM
ok, this is also a good idea)

01-04-2023, 08:47 PM
@wishin hi, I will not make that type of hotkey but I will make something useful to know if autoknife is on or off. I will add a little icon in the top screen to indicate if its on or off
I noticed it can be confusing if auto knife is on or off

01-04-2023, 10:38 AM
hi redogg, could you make a key on the autoknife on hold so that it needs to be held like in aimbot key) Good work dude ;)

01-03-2023, 07:34 PM
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01-03-2023, 07:14 PM
where is attachments? :(

01-01-2023, 12:21 PM

01-01-2023, 09:51 AM
all those problem is gone. thank you reddog.