Last Updated: 03-10-2023, 12:25 AM
Name: GMODV Reborn V0303HF1
Category: GMOD
Submitted by: redogg
Downloads: 31
Views: 196
Version: 10.03.23
MD5: 1690772df8468b4f976957a899959864
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Average rating: 5
Download edited as of 12/03/23 from Hotfix1.1 to Hotfix1.2!
-Fixed normal Weapons ESP option randomly crashing
-Fixed Fakelag option crashing

-Fixed crashes that might happen on some PC's

-Fixed rare crashes in Weapons ESP option
-Fixed some issues with Show Spectator options
-Fixed issues with Perfect Silent option
-Fixed Lights options from delaying too much
-Improved Fakelag option to work better with Rapidfire/Aimbot
-Fixed wrong Perfect Silent values
-Added Chams tab
-Added FOV slider option
-Fixed non functional Autoshoot hotkey
-Fixed invisible key names in Aimbot Ignore Hotkeys option
-Fixed issues with Third Person option
-Fixed Fake Team option to work when dead
-Fixed issue with all features where random bots/npcs arent visible

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03-11-2023, 05:23 PM
download will be edited yet again due to some more faulty stuff found from l4d2 version
edit: download edited

03-11-2023, 02:07 AM
download edited

03-10-2023, 09:53 PM
stay tuned.. the download will be edited anytime soon
soon as i be sure about the problems that appeared in newest l4d2 version (it matches gmod version..)