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UPDATE, Im slowly making my way to create a GTA2 "Definitive edition" version on Fivem-aka GTAV multiplayer
it comes out together pretty well and heres the progress of the mod
-Mapping done for about 80% (Little things left to finish)
-Camera related stuff is done
-Aiming is 95% done (Possible to move the aim up and down by moving the mouse, Once you press A/D keys the aim resets it self back to normal height)
-Creation of original GTA2 cars needs to be done(I might not do it at all, Currently Im not sure if its a good idea because GTAV cars looking kinda good)
-Traffic+Peds aka nav meshes needs to be created
-Night lights must be added to the map! (Night lights be turning on automatically by time)
-HUD creation
-Weapon spawns same as in GTA2 with BIG icons
-Possibly more things I forgot about



It would help me to see some support for you

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