News -  GTA2 map to fivem
hi i just wanted to share with you, i started working on a gta2 mod for fivem. theres loads of work left, many many days even months of work

i was thinking about what possible and no possible to port, i figured out all gta2's features are portable except for playermodels
i already ported the map, and the map broken real hard, loads of collisions needs to be edited to fit the game right

[Image: fNh6fDe.png]

edit: some more progress made
[Image: 4sZzWia.png]
[Image: npPBb4u.png]
[Image: ggGYcaQ.png]
UPDATE, Im slowly making my way to create a GTA2 "Definitive edition" version on Fivem-aka GTAV multiplayer
it comes out together pretty well and heres the progress of the mod
-Mapping done for about 80% (Little things left to finish)
-Camera related stuff is done
-Aiming is 95% done (Possible to move the aim up and down by moving the mouse, Once you press A/D keys the aim resets it self back to normal height)
-Creation of original GTA2 cars needs to be done(I might not do it at all, Currently Im not sure if its a good idea because GTAV cars looking kinda good)
-Traffic+Peds aka nav meshes needs to be created
-Night lights must be added to the map! (Night lights be turning on automatically by time)
-HUD creation
-Weapon spawns same as in GTA2 with BIG icons
-Possibly more things I forgot about



It would help me to see some support for you
This is very interesting. I can't wait to see results!
i made some crazy progress in the last week and only now i actually understood that im sitting on a gold mine, everythings coming together so nicely that even i didnt believe it will be like that, im pretty sure ill set everything up completely until the end of the year and it includes traffic, peds, hud..
heres part of the map that used to be the messiest one after convertion to 3dsmax
[Image: D9XwH1H.png]
i made some progress on lighting and it starts to fell kinda wired because its not how you imagine gta's 2 lighting, however its not looking bad but it just seems to be odd maybe because some lights are still missing and it doesnt have the "complete" look yet
[Image: tk89nk6.png]
[Image: x2fDTJ8.png]
[Image: SUO1DmQ.png]
[Image: g7mNJHA.png]
[Image: uAyTtpE.png]
[Image: KIUDeHH.png]
If someone cares heres a live stream I did while building lighting
Its a typical type of job mapping takes..

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