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Information -  Useful L4D2 Information
Post some useful information for other developers or just useful information Crab
heres all the bone id's(not hitbox)
side note: there is a problem with the witch, you will see why, the problem is to detect what witch is what
[Image: TZSYkfx.png]
[Image: qhhCBGy.png]
[Image: uaTx1kx.png]
[Image: K5sZybj.png]
[Image: F5c2pKM.png]
[Image: Rr05nD5.png]

bone index 0 is palvis bone, the the bone where the pipe is XD
the most useful netvars, they supposed to all work except for very few like m_iPing or m_iScore

To find if the netvar is bool/int/float.. google the netvar!
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almost all custom map names+campaigns lookup table
(very long spoiler!!) use ctrl+f to search
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