CSS Release -  Mapatcher tool
It bypasses the following error massages when you join a server.
-Your map [] differs from the servers.
-Couldn't CRC map [].
-Server is enforcing file consistency for []. (sv_consistency)
- Pure server: file [] does not match the server's file. (sv_pure)

Use it to create hacked maps, Decompile your favorite map and edit it in Hammer and recompile it with same name as original, Then replace your original favorite map with hacked map and join a server with this map and.. WOLLA works

Notes to keep crashes away (untested I just say it by logic)
-For example dont rename cs_assault.bsp to cs_italy.bsp because the maps are on different Z Y X.
If you add geometry DONT add the following things to the NEW geometry.
-sprites and anything else that defies logic too hard(sprites must have a wall to attach to, If you create sprite in non existing wall on server side then the sprite will have noting to "attach" to on server side but in your client it does~engine freakout)
[Image: PVpVraH.png]

Official maps with dynamic shadows and some enhancements
de_dust2 - Search on Gamebanana Enhanced de_dust2
[Image: FpeUtUv.png]
(Replace de_dust2.bps with original in cstrike/maps/ folder)

cs_office - Search on Gamebanana Enhanced cs_office
[Image: qPCPIJn.png]

de_inferno - Search on Gamebanana Enhanced de_inferno
[Image: dvgvv8f.png]

de_nuke - Search on Gamebanana Enhanced de_nuke
[Image: qAS9by3.png]
if not working install c++ redistributable 2005-2019

Download: https://www.cs-junkies.com/forums/mydown...own&did=21
Its quite a gallery haha but take a closer look at the screenshots(shadows,lighting) and youill see the differents, For my opinion some of the images offer better effects than CSGO, Tell what you think.
[Image: Pap3fPz.jpg]
[Image: RExMAIX.jpg]
[Image: pv1Kpjh.jpg]
[Image: MtlUwfD.jpg]
[Image: td53C1N.jpg]
[Image: 0eEYbm0.jpg]
[Image: wo0j9hc.jpg]
[Image: KUw8bF7.jpg]
[Image: VyJPVqF.jpg]
[Image: mIWN5AO.jpg]
[Image: BpVMqHu.jpg]

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